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Watnext a sustainable choice

The commitment to the preservation of the planet is one of the core values of our project.
We have chosen to do business in a responsible and sustainable way, promoting low impact habits first of all through the use of our products

Let's do our part!

At Watnext we know very well the value of the environment around us and the great responsibility that each of us has in taking care of it.
This is why the entire range of our products is geared towards the elimination of disposable plastic bottles and containers, one of the most impacting sources of pollution for our planet, which many countries and public places have already banned long ago and which will be prohibited entirely in 2030.

In addition to offering practical solutions to minimize the use of disposable plastics, we have equipped our dispensers with the most efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption and pollution, by using environmentally friendly gases for the refrigeration, in order to further contain the impact of each appliance.

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About Watnext

Watnext carries out the production and the assembling of its water coolers. Every single product is subjected to strict quality control tests in addition to the on-line sanitization process, in order to guarantee a reliable and above all "made in Italy" product.

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