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Watnext has expanded its catalogue with a new products line: UVC air sterilizers.
WatAir devices are specifically designed to make indoor air clean and safe and reducing significantly the presence of unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and virus.

Our products use UV technology, mounting Philips certified high quality lamps in a special aluminium case, which allows an excellent reflection of the rays UVC inside the device, maximizing its efficiency.

UVC technology as disinfection

Ultraviolet devices in the C-spectrum (UVC) are particularly popular in the disinfection from viruses and bacteria.
Short wavelength ultraviolet lights are in fact capable of acting on the DNA of these microorganisms creating thymine dimers, which cause the death of the cell and prevent viruses and bacteria to reproduce, thus rendering them incapable of causing disease.

Recent tests carried out by the National Health Commission of the PRC have shown that UVC rays are also effective against COVID-19.

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About Watnext

Watnext carries out the production and the assembling of its water coolers. Every single product is subjected to strict quality control tests in addition to the on-line sanitization process, in order to guarantee a reliable and above all "made in Italy" product.

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